State-of-the-art Packaging Technology Keeping Us Ahead of the Curve

The key to our continued growth and your success is innovation. Whether through large investments in new equipment or many incremental steps in design and production, we continually strive to expand our capabilities.

We continue to invest in state of art equipment. Our even greater investment is in our employees. Our award winning design team has the latest technology to assist them in the creation of new designs and samples. Our very experienced production team is always looking for “the better way”!

We strive to be forward thinking and ever improving in our philosophies and processes. We have recently achieved our AIB certification and are currently taking steps towards ISO 13485.

We believe that by focusing on our people and our community, we put ourselves in the best position to help you find the right solution for your packaging needs. We are proud members and leaders of our industry organizations. We support the FBA, Tappi and AICC; and boast both a past president and international liaison of AICC and ICCA! We are proud of our work with local colleges to help inspire the next generation of designers and industry leaders. We provide internships and coordinate packaging programs to begin training our future innovators!