Discover what Great Protection looks like

Let us show you what great protection looks like for your product.

From corrugated shipping cartons to precisely engineered custom packaging consisting of cushioning foam, fluted plastic or interior corrugated structures, Central delivers confidence that your product will reach its destination unscathed.

With 60 Years of experience, Central provides all the resources you need for packaging success – Creative & Efficient Design – State of the Art Manufacturing – Logistics Support – Order Management and Service geared to your way of doing business.

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Sustainable Protection at it’s Finest.

In the mind and hands of our experienced design engineers, inserts and packaging components of 100% corrugated material offer a fully protective package that’s environmentally friendly, cost effective and structurally sound.

Simple, right? But simple isn’t always easy.

Through the process of thoughtful design, prototyping and testing concepts, we are committed to meeting your goals for ergonomics, labor savings, and cost effective performance.

  • We have a state-of-the-art production center capable of converting all grades of boards, from micro flute to triple wall.
  • Inserts constructed of roll ups, laminated layers, and die cut cavity structures are all produced in-house.
  • Central also produces all the commercial/standard corrugated package styles – RSC, FOL, and Die cut.
  • Printing up to 7 colors, Direct Print and Litho Label Mounting available.

Boxes – the most extraordinary ordinary thing in the world

Watch this engaging video produced by the FBA (Fiber Box Association).


Shock and vibration are the forces of destruction when transporting or storing your more fragile products.

When a good box alone won’t do the job, protection comes in the form of flexible foam packaging:

  • Flexible Materials such as Polyethylene, or Polyurethane converted into foam  inserts and end caps, offer dampening and cushioning.
  • Closed cell and EVA foams offer Class A surface abrasion and are often the choice for clean room and sterile pack applications. These products are die cut or water jet cut and laminated in layers, providing a precision fit.
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) while more rigid, can be hot wire form cut and offers good blocking and bracing. Our Cold Chain packages rely on EPS for thermal performance.

All the above foams are available in a range of densities from very lightweight to extremely dense, allowing for engineered performance in any scenario.

Optimal performance relies on the right amount of the correct type of foam configured with an appropriate corrugated container in an effective design – Central Package has the knowledge and experience you need, to develop the best package system for your application.


Offering great durability, chemical resistance high impact strength and light weight, Fluted Plastic aka Plastic Corrugated is well suited for Re-usable containers.

Custom tote systems, engineered cushioned packs and ESD protection with conductive plastic.

Being 100% water proof, it’s ideal for:

  • Cold Chain Packaging solutions
  • Produce handling containers, and
  • Products requiring outdoor storage.
  • Excellent printability makes for great outdoor or in-store Signage and POP Displays
  • Complete in-house design and converting assures high quality products delivered on-time.
  • Excellent printability makes for great outdoor or in-store Signage and POP Displays