Green & Sustainable Processes
Delivering Solutions for a Greener Future


Corrugated packaging is a completely Renewable Resource. Environmentally Responsible. Recyclable. Compostable. It is the most recovered packaging material used today.

As a part of the overarching forest products industry, there are several programs in place to help control, guide and protect our resources – the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC ), the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the American Tree Farm System (ATFS). Some 2 million acres of trees are planted each year – and tree growth is currently double that of annual removals.

It is an exciting and rewarding time to be a part of an industry that is making such great strides toward a cleaner and greener future.


Our Commitment

Sustainability is Both A Value and a Service We Provide

Committed to Responsible & Smarter Packaging Solutions, we will design and engineer products that utilize less material, are produced with more eco-friendly processes and ultimately reduce the impact your packaging has on the environment.

Our Sustainability Mission Statement:

Our Mission at Central Package & Display is to promote and to engage in actions which support sound environmental stewardship – as well as to advance this attitude within our organization, our employees and families, our Suppliers, and our Customers.


Central was the first Minnesota member of NIST Green Suppliers Network. We have also enjoyed the distinction of receiving the Enterprise MN Lean/Green Manufacturer of the Year. These accomplishments only serve to push us to do better. At the core of our philosophy are the “5 R’s” – Remove- Reduce- Reuse-Recycle-Renew. These are in alignment with our Lean Manufacturing Strategies.  We track several metrics annually – everything from reduced pallets to the total distance traveled by fork lifts – and continue to find ways to improve year after year. Last year alone we recycled 3.5 million lbs. of corrugated material.

In partnership with Triangle Dies and Great River Energy Resource Recovery Plant, Central was the first to initiate a die recycling program. These efforts ensure that 100% of the die materials are recycled, repurposed, or used for energy. In completing a total LED replacement facility wide we realized a lighting energy reduction of 57%.