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Corrugated & Protective Packaging
Tailored Packaging Solutions to Protect your Products


Protective Packaging with Over 30 Years Experience Developing Custom Solutions

The #1 goal of packaging is to ensure your product arrives at it's intended destination undamaged. At CP&D we'll make sure your packaging accomplishes that goal and more. The shipping containers you use provide more than protection. They send a message about you and your product. They speak of efficiency of design and function. And in today's world, it's not only about the package you buy, but the precision of service and dependability that gets it there when and how you need it. We Deliver More Than Packaging

Central Package and Display offers Comprehensive Corrugated and Protective Packaging services and products:

  • Creative Services: State–of-the-Art structural package engineering and design.
  • Full mock-ups and prototype development using the widest range of materials-complete selection of cushioning foams including EPE (Expanded Poly Ethylene), Poly Urethane, Extruded Polyethylene, EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene). All grades of corrugated and corrugated build-ups, wood crates, and components-thermo formed plastic.
  • Tailored Packaging Solutions: Highly specialized custom packaging such as suspension packaging and Fluted Plastic Corrugated, ideal for material handling totes and weather proof packaging.
  • Full Service Production: Central offers large format four-color print, flat bed die cutting, and large format lamination for both small and large run projects.
  • Fulfillment Services: Preassembly of corrugated boxes and internal components that are ready to use... just add product. We also offer folding, gluing, and taping services.
  • Stock Boxes: Over 160 stock size shipping cartons available in a wide variety of sizes, including extra large cartons.

Custom Molded Foam Packaging

It's true that great packaging doesn't just happen…

Our new I-Mold automated system combines the superior protection of engineered expanded foam packaging with the efficiency of automation usually reserved for high volume operation.

This surprisingly affordable solution is ideal when you're challenged with packing and safely shipping unusual and difficult shapes - protrusions, curves and any application where you need to conform closely to the product. Utilizing Foam Dispersion Technology the robotic system places the cushioning "muscle" where you need it and assures consistent components piece after piece. And with mold costs typically in the $750.00 - $1200.00 range, it is a cost effective solution even in low-short run applications. Let our Design-Engineering Team develop a package that fits - your product, your budget, and your delivery goals.

  • Extremely fast tool change over (< 2 min.’s) makes setup cost negligible
  • JIT delivery available with Central’s Logistic Management Strategies.

Be sure and check out our other Protective Packaging offerings:

If your product presents unique challenges for packaging due to fragility, shape or configuration, not easily met with conventional block, brace, and cushion solutions then Custom Molded Foam (CMF) may be your answer.


Versatile Two Piece Packaging System is ideal for: Cabinet Doors, Frames, Displays, Posters & More. More Information

Contact us today to learn more about how Cen tral Package and Display can support all of your Corrugated and Protective Packaging needs.


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